Aspects of the planets Uranus and the Sun.

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Aspects that are difficult to deal with:

The native is jittery, irritable, tense, impatient, and impulsive due to his or her high level of stress. It is possible that he/she draws self-willed persons (karmic) or causes others’ self-will to arise by being excessively self-willed himself/herself. Until the natural self-will is controlled, he or she will experience disruptive and disturbing situations in relationships, particularly with males in general and with his or her father and/or husband in particular, as well as with other women. The native is frequently compelled to go out of line, away from the throng, in order to tune into his or her own unique wavelength, which provides him or her with an autonomous point of view. If you beloved this article and you also would like to acquire more info regarding astrology synastry chart kindly visit our own web-site. As a result of its tolerance and extraordinarily broad-based ideals, this unique point of view is typically seen to be ahead of its time by ordinary people who could think it unorthodox, quirky, and strange. In addition, the native is prone to accidents, and if he or she does not learn to relax and release anxious tension, his or her health will suffer as a result (particularly if this native is a male.)

Aspects that aren’t as tangible:

The native is highly creative and self-sufficient, and he or she has a strong sense of drama that he or she is able to communicate constructively. This native is very perceptive, broad-minded, and filled with a sense of universal brotherhood, which frequently leads him or her to volunteer for a humanitarian cause. Every now and again, when he or she feels like it, the native finds himself or herself acting in an unorthodox manner that does not appear to draw undue attention to himself or herself in a negative way. Women’s birth charts show that men are more drawn to them as a friend than as a soulmate, and her husband will almost certainly be a sort of authoritative figure in the home or workplace.