Black Pipe Lowes Review – Hand Firedcoal Stoves Is In Demand

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Recently I ran across an interesting bit of information that had to do with the Black Pipe Lowe’s BBQ and Gas station on Airport Road in Round Rock, Texas. It’s owned and operated by John Deere and is conveniently located just off Airport Road in an area called Cielo Drive. The proprietor of this restaurant is John Deere, who is also the handyman/woman in charge of all the major maintenance at John Deere properties around Round Rock. Now some may wonder if it’s feasible for a company like John Deere to have a gas station, BBQ grill, restrooms and convenience store all in one place – especially if they aren’t very large in size. Well, let’s put that to rest.

First, let’s look at the interior of the building. If you didn’t know, it’s pretty amazing how a relatively small building can house a gas station, a convenience store and several member posts for the hot rod club (also a member of the establishment). So, that’s a first strike against the “hitzer” theory. Second, it’s interesting how all these businesses are housed in an area that is usually pretty populated – round tables, counters, TV, trash cans and so on. Is it possible that the location was chosen specifically to be convenient to a wide variety of businesses?

Well, according to one of the members of the “hitzer” team, they are able to strategically pick out the best of all possible locations for the various businesses that they have. This includes picking the perfect spot for a giant wood fire that can be seen from out your window and for the “in-store” service counters. They have even picked out the exact location for the air-tight stainless steel pipe welding services. Okay, now what about the gas grill?

One of the interesting things about the coal grill that is featured in the advertisement is the fact that it is connected directly to the wall. While some people have suggested putting coal in a propane cylinder and then cranking it up slowly to full heat, this is not what the owner did. Instead, they purposely place the large stainless steel pipe directly in the middle of their grill. The gas propane is provided at the same pressure and temperature as the coal. It’s the way propane is served, with the grill acting as the receptacle.

According to the man who owns the site, the pipe is constructed to “fit right up against the wall, no cutting required”. He states that he has put in several hundred feet of pipe, all of which are seamless so there is no “hiding” of internal parts. The stainless steel airtight part is located directly over the coal burner, so there are no feeding issues. The company offers the typical propane and natural gas options for their customer, but they also provide an option for the octane gas.

There are other things to note about the Black Pipe Lowes. They state that they have employed environmentally safe insulation, and the stainless steel member posts are bead-less. The two members of the chimney that house the heater and propane are both bead-less, also.

All of the above information came about from a customer review of the Black Pipe Lowes. As noted above, many people have complimented the heater’s efficiency, while many others have commented on the company’s overall customer service. One user called the company’s customer service “benignly bland” but seemed to love their direct-mail marketing efforts. Another person said that the company does a good job of stocking the mowers and cleaning the pipes, although they had maintenance issues with the anthracite coal. Some people mentioned the company’s replacement program but did not have information on when the replacement items should arrive.

The bottom line is that Black Pipe Lowes has a product that provides exceptional value for its price. They have replacement parts available and the heating season doesn’t start until next spring, so they will be ready if you want to replace your entire fireplace or replace an existing one. The company ships within the continental United States, but shipping costs are not included in this article. If you live outside the United States, you may have to pay additional costs for shipping.

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