Deteksi Keragaman Genotip Hibrid Ikan Lele Sangkuriang, Mutiara Transgenik Dan Non Transgenik Pada Keturunan Pertama

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This system has been extensively used to observe the standard of water used. Currently fish cultivation is in nice demand because of the promising income, particularly on … DOAJ is a community-curated on-line listing that indexes and supplies access to top quality, open entry, peer-reviewed journals.

Statistical evaluation of 16 examined options revealed a positive effect of the fish ponds on water quality. Concentrations of Ca2+, NO2-, NO3-, PO43- and water conductivity within the fish ponds decreased on average by between 30 and 99% compared with the feeding watercourses. Date on the manufacturing and fish cath based on species, budidaya ikan lele pemula on the surface of the fish ponds, on the means of fish catching and on the distribution of the manufacturing and the catch in 1998 is introduced.

In this way of management, aquaculture productivity and water quality are low, which is an impediment for catfish farmers. This research was carried out by sustaining sangkuriang catfish seeds in round ponds with a diameter of two m2 with a density of 2000 tails per pond. The sangkuriang catfish seeds which have been kept have reached a length of 4 cm and are handled with 2 different remedies between fermented and non-fermented ponds. This research was carried out for fifty five days from sixteen July to 10 September 2018, at the Fisheries Laboratory of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, East Java. The analysis method used is an experimental methodology with this research conducted using descriptive methods with 2 completely different therapies between fermented and non-fermented ponds. Water high quality administration is carried out each three days with measurements of water quality together with temperature, pH, and DO.

Furthermore, so as to perceive how big the possibilities and impression of the risk are, Z-score and VaR evaluation device is used. Results from the research shows that on the per period per hetchery, the risk probability from fungi is forty p.c, water quality forty four p.c, feeds 5 p.c, and harvesting technic four p.c. The impression of the risk from fungi cost is Rp 5 795, water quality Rp four 937, feeds Rp and harvesting technic Rp three 736. Sangkuriang catfish is the primary commodity that extensively cultivated in Tasikmalaya City. However, farmers have difficulty because of the disease which causes demise in fish.

4 months agoThe highest fecundity of sangkuriang catfish eggs was sixty five,760 eggs, the very best fecundity outcomes were from the sample which had a total fish size of 32 cm, a fish weight of 220 grams and a gonad weight of 19.7 grams. The lowest fecundity of 20,606 grains was obtained from samples that had a total fish size of 27 cm, a fish weight of a hundred grams and a gonad weight of eight.seventy one grams. There is a relationship between fish weight and total gonad weight with fecundity. Sangkuriang catfish has an egg diameter ranging from 1 mm–1.9 mm. Decision assist systems is a computer-based data system together with a knowledge-based system or the administration of knowledge that’s used to help choice making in a corporation or individual. Sangkuriang catfish is one freshwater fish species are cultivated commercially by the individuals of Indonesia.

It is critical for a merger of several disciplines to obtain optimal feed worth. In the field of informatics, experiences to look for the most effective optimum feed . This research discusses the assessment, evaluation and development of a decision support system determine one of the best feed catfish enlargement sangkuriang cost-effective. The aim of the research was to determine the impact of various larvae stocking density onthe development of fish catfish cultivated in cage net. A utterly randomized design wasused on this research with, 3 therapies and 3 replications.