Maintain SEO And Web Page Position When Migrating Your Website

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One of the primary concerns when moving your website to a new host company or sector is the impact the migration will have on Guaranteed SEO service.If done improperly, a web-site migration can devastate a quality page position and make recovery a time intensive and costly SEO procedure.

Migrating a site to a new host company or IP deal with is a simple task in terms of maintaining page position. As long as the website URL remains unchanged, a website's page position should not be affected when switching website hosts or changing a website IP deal with.The recommended actions to finish this procedure include:

  • Install and build a new WEB positioner server environment using the new host company or IP deal with.
  • Install a duplicate copy of the website on the new web server environment. Analyze the new website using a temporary hostname to make sure the website hosting service account is working properly.
  • Once testing is finish, update sector records to divert the website hostname to the new IP deal with.DNS can take 24-48 hours to finish replication through the Internet, so this modify may not be instantaneous.
  • Test the new DNS name resolution to make sure guests are rerouted to the new website.
  • Once you have verified that look for search engines are listing WebPages on the new website (again, taking up to 48 hours), you can safely de-install the old website.

This procedure is much less critical to SEO and page position than the procedure of moving a website to a new and different sector deal with.Special actions must be taken when moving a web page to a new sector so that guests know where to find the website and contents, and so that look for search engines dynamically modifies the indexed web page material to point to the new place of that material.

When moving to a new sector, a website running on the Apache web server platform can make use of the 301 divert to help make sure your page position is managed after the it's migration is finish.

A 301 divert is the most efficient and internet look for engine friendly method for the re-direction of websites and associated websites shifted to a new sector, and involves the modification of the Apache .htaccess computer file so that both guests and look for search engines alike are informed and rerouted to the new website place.

To add a 301 divert as part of a web-site sector migration, identify the Apache .htaccess computer file in the website root directory, and include the some lines to the beginning of the .htaccess file:

#Options +FollowSymLinks

Rewrite Engine on

Rewrite Rule ^(.*)$ your new sector name/$1 [R=301,L]

Once the modify to the .htaccess computer file is made and saved, test the re-direction by accessing a link or web page on the old website sector.Any web page accessed on the old sector should be automatically rerouted to the corresponding web page on the new sector.

As an additional step for those site operators using Google Statistics, this very useful website statistics and analysis tool needs to be informed that the web URL has shifted to a new sector.

In the Google Statistics Webmaster dashboard, simply select the old domain; expand Site build, found on the left side of the interface, and simply just click “Change of address”. Enter the new website sector, and submit the modify. Once finish, Google will be informed of the site shift.

Google will now index the new URLs, while at the same time de-indexing the corresponding URLs for the old sector.

The procedure of moving a website can easily become one of great difficulty if necessary actions are not taken to make sure a effective shift.For an established it with good page position, the services of a competent website professional should be retained to make sure the migration is effective and SEO/page position is managed.

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