What Does a BusBar Do?

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A busbar is an enclosure made out of steel (or aluminum) to hold one or more bus bars on a double deck bus. It is usually secured by fastening it to the frame of the bus with steel screws and bolts, or even more securing it with a special bus stop clamp. The reason for a bus stop clamp is because if the bus stops suddenly (like when it comes to an abrupt stop or sudden jerking movement), the bursar will be jostled by the sudden stop and cause the bar to move away from the rest of the bus. In order to prevent that from happening, the clamp snaps the bar away from the rest of the bus at an angle that keeps the bar from moving away from the rest of the bus.

Busbars are very important for school buses because they help children stay safe in the bus. It is their job to hold their small bodies against the hard sides of the bus. They also protect the little feet of the children from harm. Staring into the engine of a bus or the eyes of an adult can cause serious injury or even death if one gets struck by the bus. That is why school buses and other vehicles with children on board must have busbars installed.

When discussing what does a busbar do it is important to understand that it is not all work. Many people refer to it as a “sinker”. Busy people refer to it as a “big boy trolley” or even a “trolley bus”, which is wrong because it isn’t a toy or a play thing. It has a useful job to do, and that job is to keep children safe in the bus.

The term “busbar” refers to a bar, or a bulkhead, that is placed in front of the school bus to protect the occupants. Busbars can be tall or short, and they can be constructed out of aluminum, wood, or vinyl. The material that the busbar is made of is important because different materials will have different wear characteristics. The bus means for passengers to be able to stand up and see when the bus stops for traffic, so the material has to be resistant to rust and corrosion.

What does a busbar do is it provides support to the passengers, especially the children. Since school buses are moving slowly and cautiously around the curves and turns on a highway, children are usually close to the front of the bus. Their bodies are just above the level of the bus. A busbar is designed to protect these children from being thrown out of the bus and injured. The bar is shaped in the shape of a bucket with openings on each end.

What does a busbar do also is that it gives a driver the extra visual space needed to prepare for a turn. Busbars are built to be able to open wide, so that the driver can adjust his or her seating position for the time of day, and for the type of turns the bus makes. Busbars are also made to be able to drop down flat, so the rider has more leg and seat space available to move around safely and comfortably.

So, what does a busbar do that makes it useful for the school bus driver? For one thing, the bar lets the driver know if there are children or adults on the bus. If the bus stops abruptly, the driver does not have to stop the bus, and wait until somebody gets off. When the bus stops abruptly, the driver can pull the bus over and see what is wrong. When a bus stops abruptly, sometimes people get hurt. The bar is also useful when the bus is stopped at a red light, because the truck behind can see what is going on better than the driver.

In closing, let me say that I believe that every school bus driver should have a busbar. It is an item that should be a standard on all buses. In my opinion, it is absolutely necessary to have this equipment on every bus. The question is, what does a busbar do? I would say that it does a lot of things, including helping to keep the bus driver safe, alert, and comfortable while he or she is driving, and keeping the passengers safe as well.